Main Verbs – ‘has’ and ‘have’

'Has' and 'have' show what one owns.

We use 'has' with a singular pronoun or noun.


She has

It has

John has

Amy has

Mr. Ronnie has

The man has

The girl has

The monkey has

My mother has

He has a new bicycle.

She has a doll.

Mrs. Brown has a toaster.

The boy has a toy robot.

My father has a laptop.

The cat has a long tail.

We use 'have' with a plural pronoun or noun.


They have

We have

The boys have

The girls have

The workers have

John and Mary have

My cars have

All the students have

The lions have

* You have

* I have

* Note: The pronouns ‘you’ and ‘I’ are singular, but they are used with ‘have’. These are exceptional cases.

They have a van.

We have two horses.

You have a football.

The girls have many dolls.

The monkeys have short hair.

The peacocks have beautiful tail feathers.


Fill in the blanks with ‘has’ or ‘have’.

1. She ____________ long hair.

2. We ____________ a big house.

3. Mr. Robinson ____________ three cars.

4. The giraffe ____________ a long neck.

5. Mr. and Mrs. Anderson ____________ three kids.

6. My grandparents ____________ an old scooter.

7. The boy ____________ ten marbles.

8. Your uncle ____________ a rare cat.

9. The dogs ____________ some bones to eat.

10. I ____________ five stamp albums.

11. Winnie and Nacy ____________ many books to read.

12. Johnson ____________ two uncles.

13. You ____________ three watches.

14. An elephant ____________ a trunk.

15. Candy ____________ a piano at home.


1.has 2.have 3.has 4.has 5.have 6.have 7.has 8.has 9.have 10.have 11.have 12.has 13.have 14.has 15.has