Nouns are the names of people, animals, things and places.


People Things Animals Places
boy pen dog beach
girl pencil cow park
man car goat wharf
woman bicycle horse port
chair truck chicken market
table airplane duck farm
house spoon bee village
apartment plate dragonfly zoo

That lady is slim.

This is my house.

Your pencil is long.

The market is crowded.

The butterfly is an insect.

That man is my father.


Can you pick out the noun(s) in each sentence?

1. This boy is fat.

2. That is her apartment.

3. The monkey is skinny.

4. That girl is my sister.

5. Her car is new.

6. My grandmother live in a village.

7. That man has a farm.

8. A frog croaks.

9. There is an apple on the table.

10. A cow is in the field.


1. boy

2. apartment

3. monkey

4. girl, sister

5. car

6. grandmother, village

7. man, farm

8. frog

9. apple, table

10. cow, field