Possessive Adjectives

'His', 'her', 'my', 'your', 'our', 'their' and 'its' are possessive adjectives. They are used to show that something belongs to someone.

Possessive adjectives are used before nouns.


This is my bag.

(The possessive adjective 'my' is used before the noun 'bag'.

This is his pen.

That is his bicycle.

His bicycle is new.

This is her hairband.

That is her doll.

Her doll is beautiful.

This is my computer.

That is my car.

My car is old.

This is your chair.

That is your table.

Your table is rectangular.

These are our motorcycles.

Those are our racquets.

Our racquets are expensive.

These are their magazines.

Those are their books.

Their books are thick.

This is a cat.

This is its tail.

Its tail is long.

This is a dog.

These are its whiskers.

Its whiskers are long.

Compare the pronouns and possessive adjectives below:

Pronouns Possessive adjectives
he his
she her
I my
you your
we our
they their
it its


Choose the correct answers.

1. This is (I, my) pen.

2. Those are (he, his) crayons.

3. That is (it, its) plate.

4. This is (we, our) house.

5. (She, Her) stamps are colorful.

6. Those are (they, their) bicycles.

7. (You, Your) pet rabbit is cute.

8. (They, Their) dogs are fierce.

9. These are (he, his) shoes.

10. (I, My) hands are dirty.


1.my 2.his 3.its 4.our 5.Her 6.their 7.Your 8.Their 9.his 10.my