Determiners – ‘That’ and ‘Those’

Determiner 'that' refers to a person or thing further away.


That is a leopard.

That is an orchard.

That is a boat.

That girl is happy.

That picture is beautiful.

That woman is ugly.

Determiner 'those' is the plural of 'that'. It refers to persons or things further away.


Those are cats.

Those are parcels.

Those are swallows.

Those buses are old.

Those pigeons are tame.

Those sandwiches are delicious.


Fill in the blanks with ‘this’ or ‘these’.

1. ______________ is a church.

2. ______________ are roosters.

3. ______________ is a cup.

4. ______________ is an oilfield.

5. ______________ are pears.

6. ______________ are clocks.

7. ______________ is a cottage.

8. ______________ boys are naughty.

9. ______________ mangoes are sweet.

10. ______________ lady is short.

11. ______________ vegetables are fresh.

12. ______________ mountains are high.

13. ______________ pond is shallow.

14. ______________ clocks are round.

15. ______________ dolphins are clever.


1.That 2.Those 3.That 4.That 5.Those 6.Those 7.That 8.Those 9.Those 10.That 11.Those 12.Those 13.That 14.Those 15.Those