Determiners – ‘This’ and ‘These’

Determiner 'this' refers to a person or thing nearby.


This is a car.

This is a house.

This is a bus.

This fish is big.

This owl is small.

This man is tall.

Determiner 'these' is the plural of 'this'. It refers to persons or things nearby.


These are cats.

These are motorcycles.

These are desks.

These tables are round.

These dogs are fierce.

These kittens are cute.


Fill in the blanks with ‘This’ or ‘These’.

1. ______________ is a bottle.

2. ______________ are zips.

3. ______________ is a calendar.

4. ______________ is an owl.

5. ______________ are rulers.

6. ______________ are watches.

7. ______________ is a truck.

8. ______________ pens are expensive.

9. ______________ oranges are sour.

10. ______________ shaver is cheap.

11. ______________ customers are friendly.

12. ______________ egg is bad.

13. ______________ river is deep.

14. ______________ glasses are new.

15. ______________ spoons are dirty.


1.This 2.These 3.This 4.This 5.These 6.These 7.This 8.These 9.These 10.This 11.These 12.This 13.This 14.These 15.These