Common and Proper Nouns

Common Nouns

Common Nouns are the names of people, animals, things and places.


People Animals Things Places
boy dog glass beach
girls cows plates farm
man horse chair fields
lady sheep car wharf
gentleman goat bicycle park
father bee clothes jungle
aunt dragonfly watch forest
friend eagle apples town
teacher beetles water harbor
neighbors owls shoes city
doctor dolphins buttons village
fisherman whales socks orchard

There are many books on the shelf.

The lecturer is teaching the students.

We saw elephants, kangaroos, cheetahs, pythons and many other animals at the zoo.

Proper Nouns

Proper Nouns are the special names of people, animals, things and places. They always start with capital letters.


People Animals Things Places
Wesley Brownie Sea Angel (name of a ship) High Park
Amy Jumbo Mount Kinabalu Dickson Harbor
Chiyoko Shima Lassie Nike (brand name of footwear) Times Square
Vijay Reddy Winnie Toyota (brand name of vehicles) Newton Beach
Mr. Lee Chun-Hee Black Beauty Tata Nano (brand name of vehicles) Seaview Park
Mr. Thomas Green Lulu Cinderella (title of a book) St. Anthony's Elementary School
Mrs. Carey Mimi ADIDAS (brand name of sports equipment) Dreamland Theme Park
Mdm. Elizabeth Grant Kitty Alba (brand name of watches) Gold Coast Aquarium
Miss Julia Brown Whitie Mercedes Benz (brand name of vehicles) National Zoo

Britney has a pet dog named Patch.

Mr. Wang reads the 'Shanghai Times' daily.

'Treasure Island' was written by Robert Louis Stevenson.

Tokyo is the capital of Japan.

The airplane landed at Heathrow Airport at 3 p.m.

My sister studies at Kingsfield High School.


A. Can you pick out the nouns in each sentence?

1. There is an apple on the table.

2. My brother goes to school by bus.

3. Annie bought some bananas and grapes from the market.

4. The girl screamed when she saw a toy snake in her schoolbag.

5. My uncle went to the post office to post a letter.

6. The monkey is swinging from tree to tree.

7. The principal is speaking into a microphone.

8. Butterflies, beetles, dragonflies and grasshoppers are insects.

9. He pasted a stamp on the envelope before posting it.

10. The peacock has beautiful tail feathers.

B. Pick out the proper nouns in the following sentences.

1. Marie is my sister.

2. Christians celebrate Christmas annually.

3. Adam’s birthday falls on 10 February.

4. China is the world’s most populated country.

5. My uncle is studying at Stanford University.

6. My pen pal, Choi Yong-Ping, lives in Korea.

7. ‘Sea Queen’ is docked in Kent Harbor.

8. Have you read ‘A Christmas Carol’?

9. Mr. Murray and his family are coming to visit us next Saturday.

10. Jamie is jogging in Denver Park now.



1. apple, table

2. brother, school, bus

3. bananas, grapes, market

4. girl, snake, schoolbag

5. uncle, post office, letter

6. monkey, tree, tree

7. principal, microphone

8. Butterflies, beetles, dragonflies, grasshoppers, insects

9. stamp, envelope

10. peacock, feathers


1. Marie

2. Christians, Christmas

3. Adam, February

4. China

5. Stanford University

6. Choi Yong-Ping, Korea

7. 'Sea Queen', Kent Harbor

8. ‘A Christmas Carol’

9. Mr. Murray, Saturday

10. Jamie, Denver Park