Possessive Adjectives and Pronouns

Possessive Adjectives

Possessive Adjectives are adjectives which show possession. ‘My’, ‘your’, ‘his’, ‘her’, ‘their’, ‘our’ and ‘its’ are possessive adjectives.

In a sentence, a possessive adjective is always used before a noun.


This is my pen.

(The possessive adjective 'my' is used before the noun 'pen'.)

Those are my umbrellas.

Your watch is on the table.

That is his house.

Her car was destroyed in an accident.

They lost their bicycles yesterday.

Our books are in the bag.

The cat is licking its paw.

Possessive Pronouns

Possessive Pronouns are pronouns which show possession. ‘Mine’, ‘yours’, ‘his’’, ‘hers’’, ‘theirs’ and ‘ours’ are possessive pronouns.

In a sentence, a possessive pronoun is always used after a noun.


This book is mine.

(The possessive adjective 'mine' is used after the noun 'book'.)

The magazines on the shelf are mine.

Those pens are yours.

The bicycle is his.

The lipstick over there is hers.

The cookies on the plate are ours.

The pencils are theirs.

This is my eraser. The eraser is mine.

That is your car. The car is yours.

This is his folder. The folder is his.

That is her dress. The dress is hers.

These are their towels. The towels are theirs.

These are our shavers. The shavers are ours.


A. Choose the right answers.

1. This is ( my, mine ) torch.

2. The torch is ( my, mine ).

3. That is ( your, yours ) handkerchief.

4. The handkerchief is ( your, yours ).

5. This is ( he, his ) hat.

6. The hat is ( he, his ).

7. That is ( her, hers ) comb.

8. The comb is ( she, hers ).

9. Those are ( their, theirs ) footballs.

10. The footballs are ( their, theirs ).

11. These are ( our, ours ) shirts.

12. The shirts are ( our, ours ).

B. Choose the correct answers.

1. This is ( her, hers ) brooch.

2. My husband bought this ring for me. It is ( my, mine ).

3. These bookmarks are not yours. They are ( her, hers ).

4. Come and see ( my, mine ) puppies when you are free.

5. The necklace that you found is ( he, his ).

6. We have a Frisbee. The Frisbee is ( our, ours ).

7. Has anyone seen ( my, mine ) car keys?

8. This is ( our, ours ) racquet and that is ( their, theirs ).

9. Your painting is as pretty as ( her, hers ).

10. The boy is playing with ( he, his ) toy car.

11. The dog is scratching ( it, its ) body.

12. Don’t use ( their, theirs ) things without ( their, theirs ) permission.

13. The shoes belong to us. They are ( our, ours ).

14. These are ( my, mine ) horses. The horses are ( my, mine ).

15. That scooter is not ( their, theirs ). It’s ( our, ours ).



1.my 2.mine 3.your 4.yours 5.his 6.his 7.her 8.hers 9.their 10.theirs 11.our 12.ours


1.her 2.mine 3.hers 4.my 5.his 6.ours 7.my 8.our, theirs 9.hers 10.his 11.its 12.their, their 13.ours 14.my, mine 15.theirs, ours