Personal Pronouns

Personal Pronouns replace nouns in a conversation. There are two types of personal pronouns: those used as subjects and those used as objects.

Personal Pronouns as subjects

'I', 'you', 'he', 'she', 'they', 'we' and 'it' are pronouns used as subjects. They are usually placed before a verb in a sentence.


He tore the paper.

(The personal pronoun 'he' is placed before the verb 'tore'.)

I saw James yesterday.

You studied hard for your exam.

He is washing his shoes.

She is watering the plants.

They built a bridge over the stream last month.

We washed the dishes after dinner.

It caught a rat last night.

Personal Pronouns as objects

'Me', 'you', 'him', 'her', 'them', 'us' and 'it' are pronouns used as objects. They are usually placed after a verb in a sentence.


John told me a story.

(The personal pronoun 'me' is placed after the verb 'told'.)

Belinda helped me yesterday.

Jill wants to meet you tomorrow.

Billy lent him some money.

I pushed her accidentally.

Please pass them this book when you see them.

Our father took us to the circus last month.

Jack fed it some milk just now.


Choose the correct pronouns.

1. Paul has a pet hamster. ( He, Him ) takes good care of it.

2. Mr. and Mrs. Luke have a son. ( They, them ) love him very much.

3. I met Lisa yesterday. She treated ( I, me ) to lunch.

4. My brother and I saw a movie last week. ( We, Us ) enjoyed it very much.

5. Suzy spoke politely to the guests. ( Them, They ) were impressed with her politeness.

6. My dog was ill last week. So, ( me, I ) took it to a vet.

7. If you see Rita, please inform ( she, her ) about the meeting.

8. Ricky had a few postcards. He gave ( they, them ) to me.

9. When the dogs saw the postman, they barked at ( he, him ).

10. The farmers harvested the tomatoes and sold ( they, them ) at the market.


1.He 2.They 4.We 5.They 6.I 7.her 8.them 9.him 10.them