Verbs are words that express actions.

Examples: walk, run, sit, stand, eat, drink, write, read, draw, sweep, mop, wash, type, ask, answer, reply, etc.

Mr. Charles walks to his office every day.

I visit the library every week.

The bird flies over the mountain.

My sister plays badminton on weekends.

We went swimming last Sunday.

Cindy wrote a letter to her pen pal this morning.


Pick out the verb in each sentence.

1. My maid waters the plants every evening.

2. Jack swims fast.

3. The cat caught a mouse last night.

4. I watch TV in the evening.

5. Claire blew out the candles just now.

6. Tony usually drinks milk in the morning.

7. My uncle painted his house last week.

8. She rinses her mouth after a meal.

9. The monkey climbed up the coconut tree.

10. My brother collects coins.


1. waters

2. swims

3. caught

4. watch

5. blew

6. drinks

7. painted

8. rinses

9. climbed

10. collects