Love keeps a relationship alive

- by Ku Nur Sahira Bt Ku Ishak
SMK Tunku Bendahara
Kodiang, Kedah

In the east beyond the city, the sun rose. It resembled a red gold ball. A ray of light shone through the window of my bedroom. I woke up and opened the window. Some birds could be seen carrying out their daily routine energetically.

It was the day that I had to move from Malaysia to Australia. My dad, who was previously a lecturer in University Utara Malaysia, had been transferred to Curtin University in Australia by the Ministry of Education. As he wished to have his family by his side to cheer him up every day, he brought my mother, my brothers and me along with him to stay in Australia.

The sun spread its rays of crimson gold. I freshened up myself and got ready to step into a new life. I wore a blue gorgeous blouse that was given to me by my best friends as a parting gift. Out of the blue, I recalled what happened the night before. All my friends came to my spectacular house just because they wanted to say goodbye to me and gave me the blouse as a remembrance of our everlasting friendship. They wanted me to wear it that very day, the day I depart for Australia. I was extremely reluctant to leave my best friends in Malaysia. All of a sudden, I shed tears. I was unwilling to leave them because it was not easy to find true and sincere friends.

Suddenly, my thoughts were interrupted by my mother's call. I went down the staircase unwillingly to leave the house with a lot of memories of me and my family in this house. I also brought along my suitcase that I packed the previous night before I went to bed.

"Nur, are you ready for your new life in Australia?" my mother asked, after our family had had our breakfast in a restaurant.

"Not yet," I mumbled, resting my forehead on the table.

After leaving the restaurant, we headed for KLIA by our fantastic car. Upon arrival at the airport, I saw a lot of our relatives and my friends who awaited our arrival. They wanted to bid us farewell. On seeing them, I shed tears again.

After five and a half hours of flight, we arrived at our destination - the land of kangaroos. My uncle Jerry fetched me and my family at the airport. We would stay in his mansion, which cost a bomb, for a while. I felt very tired after the long flight but grateful because we reached Australia safe and sound.

When I woke up the next day, the golden rays of the early morning sun brought much warmth and cheer. Out of the blue, I felt like having butterflies in my stomach because it was going to be a new experience for me in a new country. I hoped that I would not suffer from culture shock. I freshened up myself and got ready for my new university. It was my first day studying in an overseas university.

When I stepped into my class, the new and unfamiliar faces gave me the jitters and I shivered. The lecturer requested me to introduce myself to the class. I mustered up my courage to greet the class and introduce myself briefly. Even though I tried to fit in with my classmates, I felt lonesome. In fact, I was forlorn for about three weeks.

One day, when there was silence in the classroom, all of a sudden, we heard knocks on the door. All the students lifted their eyes to see who it was. There was a guy with a fair complexion. He had broad shoulders, a sharp nose, redhead eyebrows and large eyes with blue lens. Standing at the door, he was easy on the eyes. He introduced himself and said that he was also a medical student from Malaysia.

The next day, the handsome guy who was named Rayyan came and sat beside me and started to ask questions about me. I answered all the questions that he asked. Later, he started to tell me about his background. We found that we had more or less the same hobbies. Then, our friendship ties strengthened by leaps and bounds and we became intimate friends.

We had a whale of time together wherever we went and whatever we did. He was really the most amiable boy that I had ever known. He loved to lend a hand to people who were poor because he was from a family in the lap of luxury. He and I had a lot in common and we were really kindred spirits. We always did the assignments given by our lecturers together and he accommodated me a great deal whenever I faced problems with the work.

About a month after I met Rayyan, I celebrated my birthday. It was indeed the happiest day in my life. All my friends treated me to a party by the seaside. I went there radiantly with them. While the party was going on smoothly, Rayyan came with a bouquet of white roses and sat in front of me.

"Will you be my steady girlfriend, Nur?" Rayyan requested, presenting me the flowers at the same time. "It was love at first sight when I saw you on the first day that we met."

Upon hearing Rayyan's words, I was flabbergasted. I stared at him. My friends were very elated and encouraged me to accept him as my boyfriend. I accepted him with a broad smile. All of us had a great time that night.

The day that everyone was waiting for had finally arrived. It was the graduation day. For 5 years, I studied in Victoria University and finally I had graduated with a medical degree. I was very thankful to God for helping to do well in my studies and maintaining my relationship with Rayyan for the past 5 years. I was also very grateful to have met Rayyan, as he had assisted me a lot in my studies.

After our graduation, we proceeded with our postgraduate training in different hospitals. We had rarely met since then and only contacted through phone calls. A year later, our training ended and we were officially doctors.

Not long after we became doctors officially, Rayyan gave me a call. He said he wanted to meet me at the same place that he requested me to go steady with him about 6 years ago. I had a feeling that something unusual was going to happen. When I arrived there, I stood dumbfounded and got goosebumps when I saw fantastic lights along the road leading to a table on the beach. The table was decorated with my favorite flowers - white roses. I walked along the road and suddenly, I saw Rayyan standing alone at the sandy beach, looking out to sea.

"Why do you wish to meet me here, Rayyan?" I asked with much curiosity. "Are you alright?"

He turned around and answered with a beam, "I'm alright."

He then asked me to have a sit. After having a conversation for a few minutes, we fell silent. While a light sea breeze was blowing, the flowers were gently swaying in the wind. Rayyan suddenly stood up from his chair and took out something from his pocket. It was a heart-shaped ring box.

After he had sat down once again, he opened the box. There was a ring in it. A large diamond on the ring glittered.

Presenting me the piece of jewellery, he said, "Having you as a friend is a dream come true. I am grateful to God for giving me such an appealing and kind woman like you. Will you do me the honour of becoming my wife and stay together with me forever?"

I stared at him in disbelief and shed tears of joy because I had never expected him to propose to me. I smiled from ear to ear and accepted him to be my husband. We finally got married.

I am thankful that our love keeps a relationship alive, until this very day.