Write a story about two people who had an argument because one of them had lost a mobile phone. End your story with: ď... and they both realised how foolish they had been.Ē

- by Moonwalker
SMK Chung Hua,
Miri, Sarawak

Adam was a member of the Scout Association of his school. Recently, the teacher-in-charge made an announcement of the annual scout camp. As Adam enjoyed camping very much, he was thrilled to hear the news and decided to join the camp.

The day finally arrived. Early that morning, all campers gathered at school, where 2 chartered buses and 12 teacher were going to take them to their camping destination. They were going to camp at the edge of a jungle in Templerís Park.

The campers had to observe a number of rules. One of them was that they were prohibited to bring along mobile phones and electronic gadgets. However, Adam broke the rule by bringing along his phone. He hid it in his bag. Though his patrol members knew about it, they failed to report it to the teachers.

On the first day, Adam used the phone to make calls and play games during lunch hour and at night. He slept late that night and woke up late the next morning. Consequently, he was punished by his patrol leader.

In the second evening after all activities had ended, Adam discovered that his phone had gone missing. He panicked as it was an expensive phone. Furthermore, he could not report the incident because the phone was a forbidden item. He suspected that one of his patrol members had stolen the phone. Without further investigation, he accused Ben of stealing his phone. Ben came from a poor family and did not possess any phone. Upon hearing the accusation, Ben was furious. He denied the claim and a fight started.

While they were punching each other, their patrol leader reported the incident to the teachers. The incident angered the teachers. They ordered a body check to be conducted on both Adam and Ben. When the search failed to find the phone, Mr Huang searched the boysí bags and found the phone in the side pocket of one of Adamís bags. Adam was ashamed of accusing Ben.

The phone was confiscated by Mr Huang. Adamís parents had to claim it from the school principal. Adamís patrol members were punished for not reporting Adamís misdemeanour.

Adam and Ben were punished for fighting. They apologised to each other for being impetuous and they both realised how foolish they had been.