Ways to learn English

There are basically two ways to learn English - with a teacher and without a teacher.

Learn English with a teacher (Receive private tuition)

Receiving private tuition is a popular way to learn English, as you have a teacher to guide you. An advantage of this method is that when you face problems or have questions during the learning process, you can ask your tutor and get solutions or answers quickly. You need not worry about what to learn, as all the learning materials are usually provided. If you want the tutor to give you all the attention, you can find yourself a teacher who teaches on a one-to-one basis. Some learners can learn better this way. Joining a class is a good idea, if you do not mind learning with other learners. It is usually much cheaper than having a teacher teaching you alone. Some people find it more fun to learn this way.

Other than attending classes, you can also have the option of having a tutor to teach you in the comfort of your own home via the Internet. This can be done through the use of special softwares like 'Skype' and 'MSN Messenger'.

Another way to receive private tuition is to take up an online course. If you take up an online course, you will have modules to follow and a tutor will be assigned to assist you. Communications are usually done through emails.

Learn English without a teacher

Some people, especially those who are more independent, prefer to learn English without a teacher. They may wish to learn English on their own because of some other reasons, such as to be more economical. If you fall into this category, you will discover that this can also be a very effective method, if you use the correct techniques. There are many books which are specially written for this purpose. Apart from that, CDs, DVDs and cassette tapes that teach English are also readily available. It is wise to choose those that meet your needs, and those that you find easy to follow.

People who teach themselves English find English-teaching websites extremely useful as well. There are millions of such websites available and the services provided are usually free of charge.

A drawback of learning English on your own is that when you face problems, it can be difficult to find someone to assist you. This problem can usually be solved through the use of dictionaries. You can also seek help from friends and relatives. There are also websites with teachers or language experts who help learners by answering their questions. Some websites charge a fee for their services while others do so free of charge.

I hope that English learners find this blog inspiring and helpful. Good luck to everyone.