Nouns 名词

Nouns are the names of people, animals, things and places.




People 人 Things 物体 Animals 动物 Places 地方
boy 男孩 pen 钢笔 dog 狗 beach 海滩
girls 女孩 pencil 铅笔 cow 牛 park 公园
man 男人 car 汽车 goat 羊 wharf 码头
woman 女人 bicycle 自行车 horse 马 port 港口
father 父亲 truck 卡车 chicken 鸡 market 市场
aunt 舅母 airplane 飞机 duck 鸭 farm 农场
friend 朋友 spoon 汤匙 bee 蜜蜂 village 乡村
doctor 医生 plate 碟子 dragonfly 蜻蜓 zoo 动物园

That lady is slim. 那位女士的身材苗条。

This is my house. 这是我的房子

Your pencil is long. 你的铅笔长。

The market is crowded. 市场上真拥挤。

The butterfly is an insect. 蝴蝶是一只昆虫

That man is my father. 那个男人是我的父亲

Exercises 习题

Can you pick out the noun(s) in each sentence?


1. This boy is fat.

2. That is her apartment.

3. The monkey is skinny.

4. That girl is my sister.

5. Her car is new.

6. My grandmother live in a village.

7. That man has a farm.

8. A frog croaks.

9. There is an apple on the table.

10. A cow is in the field.

Answers 答案

1. boy

2. apartment

3. monkey

4. girl, sister

5. car

6. grandmother, village

7. man, farm

8. frog

9. apple, table

10. cow, field