Possessive Adjectives 所有格形容词

His’, ‘her’, ‘my’, ‘your’, ‘our’, ‘their’ and ‘its’ are possessive adjectives. They are used to show that something belongs to someone.

His (他的)’, ‘her (她的)’, ‘my (我的) ’, ‘your (你的)’, ‘our (我们的)’, ‘their (他们的)’ 及 ‘its (它的)’ 是 所有格形容词. 它们用来显示某件物品是属于某人的。

Possessive adjectives are used before nouns.




This is my bag. 这是我的旅行袋。

(The possessive adjective ‘my’ is used before the noun ‘bag’.

(所有格形容词 ‘my’ 用于名词‘bag’之前。

This is his pen. 这是他的钢笔。

That is his bicycle. 那是他的自行车。

His bicycle is new. 他的自行车还新。

This is her hairband. 这是她的束发带。

That is her doll. 这是她的洋娃娃。

Her doll is beautiful. 她的洋娃娃真漂亮。

This is my computer. 这是我的电脑。

That is my car. 那是我的车。

My car is old. 我的车已陈旧。

This is your chair. 这是你的椅子。

That is your table. 那是你的桌子。

Your table is rectangular. 你的桌子是长方形的。

These are our motorcycles. 这些是我们的摩托车。

Those are our racquets. 那些是我们的球拍。

Our racquets are expensive. 我们的球拍真贵。

These are their magazines. 这些是他们的杂志。

Those are their books. 那些是他们的书。

Their books are thick. 他们的书真厚。

This is a cat. 这是一只猫。

This is its tail. 这是它的尾巴。

Its tail is long. 它的尾巴长。

This is a dog. 这是一只狗。

These are its whiskers. 这些是它的须。

Its whiskers are long. 它的须短。

Compare the pronouns and possessive adjectives below:


Pronouns 代名词 Possessive Adjectives 所有格形容词
he 他 his 他的
she 她 her 她的
I 我 my 我的
you 你 your 你的
we 我们 our 我们的
they 他们 their 他们的
it 它 its 它的

Exercises 习题

Choose the correct answers.


1. This is (I, my) pen.

2. Those are (he, his) crayons.

3. That is (it, its) plate.

4. This is (we, our) house.

5. (She, Her) stamps are colorful.

6. Those are (they, their) bicycles.

7. (You, Your) pet rabbit is cute.

8. (They, Their) dogs are fierce.

9. These are (he, his) shoes.

10. (I, My) hands are dirty.

Answers 答案

1.my 2.his 3.its 4.our 5.Her 6.their 7.Your 8.Their 9.his 10.my