Determiners – ‘This’ and ‘These’

限定词 – ‘This’ (这个) 与 ‘These’ (这些)


Determinerthis' refers to a person or thing nearby.

限定词this' 是用来指示靠近的人或物件。



This is a car. 这是一辆自行车。

This is a house. 这是一栋房子。

This is a bus. 这是一辆公车。

This fish is big. 这条鱼真大。

This owl is small. 这只猫头鹰真小。

This man is tall. 这男孩长得高。


Determinerthese' is the plural of ‘this'. It refers to persons or things nearby.

限定词these' 是 ‘this’ 的复数式。 它是是用来指示靠近的人(复数式)或物件(复数式)。



These are cats. 这些是猫。

These are motorcycles. 这些是摩托车

These are desks. 这些是书桌。

These tables are round. 这些桌子是圆形的。

These dogs are fierce. 这些狗真凶猛。

These kittens are cute. 这些猫真可爱。

Exercises 习题

Fill in the blanks with ‘This’ or ‘These’.

试用‘this’ 或 ‘these’来填充。

1. ______________ is a bottle.

2. ______________ are zips.

3. ______________ is a calendar.

4. ______________ is an owl.

5. ______________ are rulers.

6. ______________ are watches.

7. ______________ is a truck.

8. ______________ pens are expensive.

9. ______________ oranges are sour.

10. ______________ shaver is cheap.

11. ______________ customers are friendly.

12. ______________ egg is bad.

13. ______________ river is deep.

14. ______________ glasses are new.

15. ______________ spoons are dirty.

Answers 答案

1.This 2.These 3.This 4.This 5.These 6.These 7.This 8.These 9.These 10.This 11.These 12.This 13.This 14.These 15.These