Common and Proper Nouns 普通与专有名词

Common Nouns 普通名词

Common Nouns are the names of people, animals, things and places.

普通名词 是人,地方及物品的名称。



People 人 Animals 动物 Things 物品 Places 地方
boy 男孩 dog 狗 plate 碟子 town 市镇
girl 女孩 cows 牛 tables 桌子 beach 海滩
father 父亲 horse 马 truck 卡车 forest 森林
friends 朋友 camels 骆驼 watch 手表 park 公园
neighbor 邻居 panda 大猫熊 pear 梨 farm 农场
doctor 医生 mice 老鼠 buttons 纽扣 harbor 港口
aunt 舅母 dragonfly 蜻蜓 violin 小提琴 city 城市
nephew 侄子 eagle 老鹰 apples 苹果 jungle 从林
teacher 教师 beetles 甲虫 water 水 wharf 码头
lady 女士 owls 猫头鹰 shoes 鞋子 field 草场
gentleman 男士 dolphins 海豚 buttons 纽扣 village 乡村
fisherman 渔夫 whales 鲸鱼 socks 袜子 orchard 果园

There are many books on the shelf.


The lecturer is teaching the students.


We saw elephants, kangaroos, cheetahs, pythons and many other animals at the zoo.


Proper Nouns 专有名词

Proper Nouns are the special names of people, animals, things and places. They always start with capital letters.




People 人 Animals 动物 Things 地方 Places 物品
Wang Xiuqing 王秀清 Kitty 基蒂 Rolex 劳力士 (手表品牌名称) Beijing 北京
Zhang Fei 张飞 Mimi 咪咪 Adidas 阿迪达斯 Korea 韩国
Eric 埃里克 Winnie 威尼 Eiffel Tower 艾菲尔铁塔 Tokyo Disney Resort 东京迪斯尼度假区
Olivia 奥利维亚 Tom 汤姆 Toyota (日本丰田汽车) Newton Beach 牛顿海滩
Mr. Liu 刘先生 Jerry 杰里 Mount Everest 珠穆朗玛峰 Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport 上海虹桥国际机场
Mrs. Chen 陈太太 Scooby 史酷比 The White House 白宫 St. Anthony's Elementary School 圣安东尼小学
Dr. Li 李医生 Dolly 多利 Mercedes Benz 梅塞德斯 National Zoo 国家动物园

Penny has a pet dog named ‘Johnny’.


Mr. Huang reads the ‘Shanghai Daily’ every day.


Treasure Island’ was written by Robert Louis Stevenson.


Canberra is the capital of Australia.


The airplane landed at Heathrow Airport at 3 p.m.


My sister studies at Kingsfield High School.


Exercises 习题

A. Can you pick out the nouns in each sentence?


1. There is an apple on the table.

2. My brother goes to school by bus.

3. Annie bought some bananas and grapes from the market.

4. The girl screamed when she saw a toy snake in her schoolbag.

5. My uncle went to the post office to post a letter.

6. The monkey is swinging from tree to tree.

7. The principal is speaking into a microphone.

8. Butterflies, beetles, dragonflies and grasshoppers are insects.

9. He pasted a stamp on the envelope before posting it.

10. The peacock has beautiful tail feathers.

B. Pick out the proper nouns in the following sentences.


1. Marie is my sister.

2. Christians celebrate Christmas annually.

3. Adam’s birthday falls on 10 February.

4. China is the world’s most populated country.

5. My uncle is studying at Stanford University.

6. My pen pal, Choi Yong-Ping, lives in Korea.

7. ‘Sea Queen’ is docked in Kent Harbor.

8. Have you read ‘A Christmas Carol’?

9. Mr. Murray and his family are coming to visit us next Saturday.

10. Jamie is jogging in Denver Park now.

Answers 答案


1. apple, table

2. brother, school, bus

3. bananas, grapes, market

4. girl, snake, schoolbag

5. uncle, post office, letter

6. monkey, tree, tree

7. principal, microphone

8. Butterflies, beetles, dragonflies, grasshoppers, insects

9. stamp, envelope

10. peacock, feathers


1. Marie

2. Christians, Christmas

3. Adam, February

4. China

5. Stanford University

6. Choi Yong-Ping, Korea

7. 'Sea Queen', Kent Harbor

8. ‘A Christmas Carol’

9. Mr. Murray, Saturday

10. Jamie, Denver Park