Reflexive Pronouns 反身代名词

Myself’, ‘yourself’, ‘himself’, ‘herself’, ‘themselves’, ‘ourselves’ and ‘itself’ are the eight Reflexive Pronouns. Singular reflexive pronouns end in ‘self’ while plural reflexive pronouns end in ‘selves’.

Myself’、 ‘yourself’、 ‘himself’、 ‘herself’、 ‘themselves’、 ‘ourselves’ 及 ‘itself’ 是 反身代名词。 单数反身代名词以 ‘self’ 结尾, 复数反身代名词以 ‘selves’ 结尾。

In a sentence, a reflexive pronoun is used as the object.




She taught herself how to play the guitar. 她自己学习弹吉他。

(In the above sentence, the pronoun ‘she’ is the subject and the reflexive pronoun ‘herself’ is the object. Both the subject and the object refer to the same person.)

(在上述句子里,代名词 ‘she’ 是主语,反身代名词 ‘herself’ 是宾语。主语与宾语是指同一个人。)

He bathed himself before going to church.


Selina cut herself while peeling an apple.


I will treat myself to a new pair of shoes.


You can cook yourself something to eat.


“Try to do your homework yourselves,” said the teacher to the students.


They behaved themselves at the ceremony.


We bought ourselves some magazines to read.


The cat caught itself a mouse.


A reflexive pronoun can also be used as the indirect object of a verb. In such a case, it is usually used after a preposition.




Henry peeled an apple for himself. 亨利为自己削了一个萍果。

(In the above sentence, the noun ‘apple’ is the direct object. The reflexive pronoun ‘himself’ is the indirect object. It is placed after the preposition ‘for’.)

(在以上的句子里, 名词 ‘apple’ 是直接宾语。 反身代名词 ‘himself’ 则是间接宾语。 它位于介词 ‘for’ 之后。)

They built the bridge all by themselves.


She made a cup of coffee for herself.


My brother bought a new cap for himself.


We stared at ourselves in the mirror.


My neighbor and I repaired the washing machine all by ourselves.


Exercises 习题

Choose the right answers.


1. I baked ( myself, yourself ) a cake.

2. Alex locks ( herself, himself ) in his room when he is angry.

3. Christine and her friends ordered ( ourselves, themselves ) something to eat.

4. My little brother cut a slice of watermelon for ( himself, herself ).

5. I hope you enjoy ( yourself, yourselves ) at the party, children.

6. She laughed at ( herself, himself ) for making a silly mistake.

7. We promised ( themselves, ourselves ) never to do such a thing again.

8. Alfred and his friends sailed the boat to the island all by ( yourselves, themselves ).

9. The bear caught ( itself, myself ) a fish in the river.

10. My mum made ( himself, herself ) up in 15 minutes.

Answers 答案

1.myself 2.himself 3.themselves 4.himself 5.yourselves 6.herself 7.ourselves 8.themselves 9.itself 10.herself