Describe an enjoyable stroll in a park.

- by Edwin Fong Zhong Yi
SMK Sungai Maong,
Kuching, Sarawak

Strolling in a park is an enjoyment to me. During weekdays, a student like me is so occupied with homework and studies that not much time is left for leisure activities.

Last Saturday, I decided to take my little brother for a walk in the park. We arrived in the park near our house at 7 a.m. At the entrance of the park stands the statue of an eagle, which symbolises freedom, I suppose. Well, at least it reminded me to take a deep breath of the fresh air in the park. When I was a child, I had always dreamt of flying like an eagle beneath the clear blue sky. Anyway, that was just a child's dream and now I realise what is reality.

The atmosphere in the park, with birds’ chirping, gave me peace of mind. The melodious notes helped me to unwind. To me, this is something which cannot be bought with money. As we walked along the pavement, we noticed the diversity of plants and flowers in the park. The lush greenery makes the scene calm and peaceful. We saw squirrels among the trees too. Looking at these little animals calmed and relaxed my mind.

On one side of the park is a reflexology path. Walking barefoot on the path is exciting. While walking on the cobblestones, some people groaned in pain. Another thing we love to do is to take a rest under a shady tree. The slight breeze gives a sense of coolness on our faces and the feeling is really refreshing and amazing.

While taking a rest on our favourite bench under a huge angsana tree, we observed the people in the park. A group of elderly men and women were taking a ‘tai chi’ lesson. They must belong to the health-conscious category. The playground was packed with children. Their laughter gave me a sense of happiness. Along the jogging track, some youngsters were seen skateboarding. They are creating a nuisance to the joggers. There are always some clumsy novices who slip and tumble down their skateboards. Deep in my heart, I hoped that they had not existed. I felt guilty about the wicked thoughts but I just could not help it!

There were people flying kites on the other side of the park. The kites embellished the sky with their colours. Further down the park is an artificial waterfall. We went to look at the fish which were swimming with great agility in the pond. We also enjoyed the cool atmosphere. The sound of the falling water soothes my mind.

It is surprising how time flies when we are engaged in an activity that we enjoy. Before long, we found that it was time for us to go home. Taking a stroll in the park enraptures my brother and me. We look forward to another walk in the park soon.