Examinations - good or bad?

Whether we like it or not, examinations are part and parcel of our life. Apparently, most people dislike examinations as they are tedious and a lot of preparation is required. Despite the fact, I believe that examinations are actually good for us due to a number of reasons.

First of all, we may not realise that we go through examinations each day. For instance, when dining at a restaurant, we discover that the food served is awful. After the unpleasant experience, we may never return to the same restaurant again. Although we may not be aware, the food has just gone through an ‘examination’ by us. In the same way, academic examinations are a way to set standards and maintain quality. They are essential or else there would hardly be any standards by which we live. Consequently, the lack of improvement in all aspects would arise.

Secondly, examinations keep us accountable for our actions. They are the driving force behind our diligence. Without examinations, we tend to slack in our schoolwork, not to mention our complacency. When examinations are a norm, we know our limits. Even though we will still have fun, we will make sure that we are under control. Since we are aware that examinations will come, we know what our priorities are and will keep our behaviour in check.

Examinations stimulate our learning desire. Obviously, it is better if we learn for the love of knowledge and not because of examinations. Unfortunately, not everybody thinks this way - most people go to school just the sake of doing so. The existence of examinations may motivate their desire to learn. Through learning, they may discover their strengths and what they really love. Subsequently, they no longer study just to do well in examinations, but for the thirst for knowledge. That is definitely a positive change that examinations can possibly bring about.

Examinations help us to know what is important in each subject. If we only learn without examinations, there is no sense of what is the most important or the subject matter in each topic. Examinations usually tests important and useful topics. Through the drills, even if students are unable to remember everything in the subject, they will not forget the important points because of what they have studied for their examinations.

In conclusion, examinations are undoubtedly good for us. Since they set standards, keep us accountable, stimulate learning and help us to distinguish what is vital from what is not, they are actually a blessing in disguise. The fact that examinations have never been abolished is the best evidence that they are good.