Write a story ending with: "...How will I explain everything to my father?"

- by spmcandidate, Kuala Lumpur

"Son, turn off the computer now and do your revision immediately. Your second terminal exams are approaching," said my father, as he was getting ready for work that morning.

Although I did obey him and do as he said, I was as stubborn as a donkey. As soon as he left home for work, I switched on the computer and started playing computer game again. Though the final examinations were just around the corner, it seemed like I had no sense of responsibility at all. I kept indulging myself in the games. Even though my guilty conscience told me to do what was right and I wished I could begin revising right away, I continued with the game as 'the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak'.

A day before the examinations commenced, I began to worry as my father had high hopes for me and wanted me to pass all the examinations with flying colours. Immediately, I started revising. Though I burnt the midnight oil that night, I found that I had insufficient time. I could hardly concentrate on my studies due to my anxiety. There was simply too much revision to be done and I regretted not listening to my father and starting the revision earlier.

The next day when the first examination started, I perused the question paper carefully. I was shocked to find that I could not answer most of the questions. I tried to recall what I studied the night before but I could not remember any of them. I guessed that I was too nervous. In order not to disappoint my father, I decided to cheat. I passed a small piece of paper to my classmate asking for the answers to the questions when the teacher was not noticing. I was glad that he cooperated with me.

I did the same thing and cheated in the next few examinations but unfortunately, I was caught on the spot by our disciplinary teacher, Mr Lee, when he was invigilating our fifth examination. He asked me to see him in his office during recess.

In his office, he asked me the reason why I cheated. Too petrified to answer his question, I bowed my head in shame.

"Don't ever do that again, Rick," warned Mr Lee with a stern voice. "You know that cheating in an exam is against the rule. It's not morally right."

I apologised to Mr Lee and promised not to repeat the same mistake again. Although he accepted my apology, he emphasised that an offence is an offence. Since I had committed one, he would have to punish me so that I could learn a lesson. He gave me five strokes of the cane on the palm of my hand. After that, he told me that I would be suspended from school for three days when the examinations were over. Before I left his office, he gave me a letter to hand over to my father.

After school, I walked home anxiously. I felt extremely remorseful over my actions. I was also ashamed of my suspension from school. I looked at the letter I was holding in my hand. How will I explain everything to my father?