Write a story ending with "... I realised that good-hearted people are always there in this world."

- by Wesly Kong, SMK Taman Tunku

"Class, our lesson has almost come to an end. Your homework for today is to do exercise 12 on page 45 of your textbook," said our mathematics teacher, Mdm Wong.

Not long after, the school bell rang. After bidding farewell to our teacher, the class dispersed. As it was raining cats and dogs, I took out my retractable umbrella from my schoolbag and put it up. Traffic was moving slowly on the road as the visibility was poor due to the heavy rain.

When I was approaching a junction not far away from my school, I saw a senior from my school. Riding a scooter, she had just stopped at the junction to give way to the traffic from her right. While she was giving way, suddenly, her scooter was rammed from behind by a speeding van. As the result of the impact, the girl and her scooter jerked forward before falling to the ground. Her books were scattered on the ground. Her arms and legs were bruised and her elbow was bleeding profusely. The poor girl groaned in pain.

I quickly ran towards the girl to lend her a helping hand. All of a sudden, the van driver reversed his van and drove off as quickly as he could. I was extremely astonished to see his irresponsible and cold-blooded behaviour. I watched appalled as he sped off into the distance. I then helped the girl to a safer place at the roadside. She told me that the pain in her arm was excruciating. I comforted her and told her not to move her arm. I also assured her that help was on the way. Some passers-by came to see if they could render any help.

On seeing what had happened, several students from the Red Crescent Society of our school came with their first-aid kit to help the girl by treating her minor injuries. I collected the girl's books and gave them back to her. Luckily, her scooter was not badly damaged.

I was about to use a nearby public telephone to call for an ambulance when a kind parent stopped her car by the roadside. She volunteered to send the girl to hospital. After the girl had entered the car, a few policemen arrived in a patrol car. When they learnt that I was an eyewitness to the hit-and-run accident, they asked me some questions. I explained to them how the accident happened. I also provided them with the registration number of the van and the description of the driver, in the hope that the culprit would be apprehended and brought to justice soon. The policemen thanked me for my assistance and cooperation. They also praised me for doing my civic duty.

After the incident, I continued my walk home. I felt happy to have helped both the girl and the policemen. It was heart-warming to see so many civic-minded people giving the girl a helping hand when she needed it. I realised that good-hearted people are always there in this world.