Write a story beginning with: "Kim was nervous when the door opened..."

- by Abigail Shannon Chua
Wesley Methodist School Melaka

Kim was nervous when the door opened. In the doorway stood Zack. Who would have thought that of all the girls, Zack would pick Kim as his dance partner? Kim was red with nervousness and her nails dug into her palms. She was wearing a long dark blue dress and curly hair.

"Ready to go?" Zack grinned and extended his hand to her. Smiling, she took his hand and he led her to his car. In the car they talked about school and life after graduation before reaching their school.

The dance was held in the indoor basketball court of their school. The place was filled with people - guys in suits and girls in frilly colourful dresses. While many bodies were twisting on the dance floor, the rest were chilling out at the refreshment table. Zack grabbed two glasses of punch and handed one to Kim.

"Enjoying yourself?" he asked her. Kim nodded, trying hard not to notice the many girls who were shooting glares of rage and envy at her. Kim was quiet and what others considered a nerd. Everyone was shocked when Zack went up to her and asked her out. He never tried to go out in the sun so everyone thought he just had some skin problem.

Suddenly, Zack grabbed her hand and led her onto the dance floor. He held her waist and they started to dance. The crowd parted and all eyes were on them. Kim blushed with shame at the same time felt honoured as Zack dipped her low and twirled her with grace. People started whispering to each other and Kim felt goose bumps all over her.

"Maybe we should get some fresh air," Zack said, pulling away from her.

Both of them shoved past their classmates and they walked to the school garden. The night air was cool and Zack's hand felt warm in her hand. They sat down on a bench and Kim slumped down in relief.

"Sorry about that just now," Zack mumbled. He took Kim's hands and looked into her eyes, "I don't care what the others think, but you're special. I have always seen something in you that the other girls lack."

His pale skin was illuminated by the moonlight. As they talked, Kim heard some noise. She was curious and peered over her shoulder, trying to find out where the noise originated. Suddenly, Kim felt a sharp prick of pain on her neck.

"Hey Zack, what did you ..." she said in shock but Zack just chuckled. Her hand flew to her neck and she felt two small holes on her neck, blood streaming down from them. "Oh my god," Kim gasped and started to back away from Zack.

"I told you that you were special, didn't I? " Zack laughed and she could see two fangs jutting out of his gum. They were dripping with blood. Her blood. Kim suddenly felt weak and her knees started to buckle. Not long after, she fell to the ground.

"I've been waiting for a long time for this. Being immortal can be boring and lonely," Zack said, his face close to hers. "Now you belong to me," he whispered and sank his fangs into her neck. Kim screamed and struggled as she felt life being drained from her. Zack covered her mouth with his hand, muffling her voice. Slowly, she stopped struggling and her screams subsided. As she was lapsing into unconsciousness, she heard his voice saying, "You are mine forever. You belong to me now."