A day I wished had never happened

- by Wesly Kong, SMK Taman Tunku

Every time I see my pet dog Lucky's picture, I feel sad. I had always wished Lucky good health and longevity. I did not want him to leave me but it happened accidentally about six months ago.

It was a windy evening in my housing estate. A lot of people came out of their houses for recreation. Some kids were flying kites while the others were riding their bicycles. Some adults were jogging. Since it was a cool evening, I decided to take my dog, Lucky, for a walk. Before taking him out, I kept him on a leash.

When I walked Lucky, I normally brought along some dog biscuits. I would give them to him when he wanted them. Just when we were passing by a small path, three stray dogs started barking fiercely at me. They looked like they had been starved. With their sharp sense of smell, they most probably detected the food in my hand. Trying to frighten them off, I lowered my body and pretended to pick up stones to throw at them. The tactic was ineffective. I then took to my heels but the three strays started to pursue me.

Just when they were about to catch up with me and attack me, Lucky came to my rescue. He fought with them ferociously. Though Lucky was the largest among the four dogs, the three strays cooperated with each other to fight with him. The situation seemed unfair and disadvantageous to Lucky. Fearing that Lucky might get hurt, I wanted to do something but had no idea what to do as I was nervous at that time. Luckily, I found a stout stick by the roadside. I armed myself with the stick and hit the stray dogs with all my might. After putting in a lot of effort, I managed to repulse their attack.

I threw the stick away and ran towards Lucky. I saw him lying on the ground and whining weakly. When I checked his body, I was shocked to see that his neck had been bitten by one of the stray dogs during the fight and was bleeding profusely. I was almost in tears to see him suffering. Instantly, I carried Lucky in my arms and brought him home.

When I reached home, I placed Lucky in his kennel in the backyard. I then called out to my parents and told them what had happened. My father said that Lucky had to be brought to a vet to be treated. When my parents were getting dressed, Lucky got out of his kennel and lay down quietly next to me.

"Don't worry Lucky. We'll take you to a vet and everything's going to be fine," I comforted Lucky and patted him on his head at the same time.

Lucky licked my hand and wagged his tail feebly. Then, he closed his eyes and stopped breathing.

"No, Lucky! Please don't leave me ..." I cried bitterly as I held Lucky in my arms. I knew that I had lost him forever.

It has been half a year since Lucky's passing. My parents comfort me and promise to get me a new dog but I am not ready for a new pet yet. I know that Lucky is irreplaceable, since each dog is unique in its own way and has different character traits. Lucky gave up his life to protect me. I will remember Lucky as long as I live.