- by Nur Afiqah binti Noramran
MJSC Terendak

It was not like I wanted to be born with power like this. At the same time, it was not that I did not want it. In my family, the ones who had this kind of power were my elder brother, Yi Fang, and me. He is the only sibling who loves me dearly, unlike my other siblings. I am the third child in our family. My elder and younger sister rejected me - probably because I had this power.

Before I further my story, let me introduce myself. My name is Luhan, the second son of the Wu family. What made me different from most people was the colour of my hair, which was white. Apart from that, I had this strange mark on my hand which glowed at every full moon. Together with my brother's blood red hair, we were rumoured to be the offspring of witches.

It was only a matter of time before I discovered that the mark on my hand was the mark of my power - telekinesis, the ability to move things using mind. I had never thought that my power was that great. My brother was obviously stronger than me as he had the power of a dragon, as well as flight power. I really loved my brother because he taught me a lot of things, including controlling my power. Halfway through teaching me this particular skill, he told me that he had to leave me. I felt as if a big rock was upon my chest. It was suffocating, as if he would take away all the oxygen I needed with him. Nevertheless, I gave him my fake smile and thanked him for everything. The reason why he had to run away at that time was because the so-called power hunters were after the ones with powers. Anyone could be hunted by them and my brother was their prey then.

Little did I know, they knew I possessed this odd power too. I ran from them, leaving my family for 5 years till I reached 18 years old, my age right now. On one occasion, when I was running past a high school, I bumped into a tall boy. He looked so utterly perfect that I was stunned when I looked at him for the very first time. I could hardly blink my eyes as I was attracted to his pair of hazel orbs that sparkled beautifully. Hearing the footsteps of the gang that was after me, I grabbed his arm and beckoned to him to hide behind a wall together with me.

A few days later, I was admitted into the high school. In spite of my strange appearance, my classmates welcomed me warmly. I even got a seat right next to the boy that I met earlier - Sehun. He introduced me to his circle of friends and gradually, I became one of them. I played football, the game I loved the most, with them and I taught them the art of self-defence. Till one night, the blast of hunters found me right after we had fun. We had a big fight and I knew my friends were going to lose. I was wounded during the fight and thus without further thinking, I used my power and started to throw the hunters away. I seriously thought it was going to be fine, but when one of my friends D.O approached me, I accidently moved him with my mind. As result, D.O was unconscious because he hit his head against a metal pole. His best friend, Kai, blamed me for what happened and suddenly, everyone left me. Then I realised that everything was back to square one and I was all alone again.

The next day, during the night, while pressing the wound near my stomach, I wondered how D.O was doing. My wound would be a fatal if I were an ordinary human. I decided to pay D.O a visit but unfortunately, I was only able to stare through his window, watching as my friends greeted him wearing happy smiles that would surely help him regain his health. All of a sudden, I realised that a pair of hazel eyes was watching me. I did not know why, but I ran with all my might and totally forgot about my wound. I fainted on the stairs leading to my rented house on top of the hill. When I reopened my eyes, Sehun was right next to me reading a book. Realising that I was awake, he brought me a bowl of porridge that I assumed he cooked. After having the porridge, he chatted with me and started asking me questions about my power. Though he found it hard to believe, he accepted the facts.

During the next full moon, I received a message from the hunters telling me that they had Sehun as their hostage. If I refused to meet them, Sehun would be killed. Knowing where they could be, I rushed towards an abandoned warehouse not far away from my school. I fought with all my might but I knew that I was outnumbered although I had the power of telekinesis. When I was about to faint, I saw my friends coming. All of them looked calm and composed but when they started to fight with their opponents, I thought I saw wolf fangs and heard their growls. After a while, I joined them too but a block of wood smashed against the back of my head and I fainted immediately.

I woke up with my friends gathering around me. The 10 of them held my hands firmly, telling me not to die. At last, with their tears and strong will, the mark on my hand disappeared, my hair turned black and I regained my energy. After running from the hunters for 5 long years, I had finally lost my power which seemed more like a curse, thanks to my friends. My brother, Yi Fan, returned to me too and was raven-haired as he had dyed it. I continued living there with my brother and graduated happily together with my 10 friends that I love dearly. And till now, nobody seems to know where my brother had been during the 5 years that we lost contact with each other. When I asked him, he just smiled. Although all these happenings seem like a fairy tale, they are the memories that I would treasure till the day I die.