Write a story beginning with: "Kim was nervous when the door opened..."

Kim was nervous when the door opened. It was her parents. She was unsure whether per parents had known about her misadventure.

Kim was one of the members of the school choir. This morning, the school choir went on a trip to Kuala Lumpur to participate in a choir competition. During the competition, they tried their best to perform well but were only placed third. They were a bit upset and disappointed as they had practised hard for the competition. So, the choir mistress comforted them and decided to bring them shopping.

When they reached the shopping centre, they were happy again. They saw a lot of shops in the shopping centre. For example, bookshops, fashion houses, jewellery shops, boutiques, toy shops, et cetera. Before they started shopping, their teacher told them to stay close to her and avoid wandering off from the group. When they passed by a jewellery shop, Kim saw a pair of earrings. She wanted the pair of earrings so badly but when she caught sight of the price tag, she was quite taken aback to learn that they cost RM300 a pair! It was too expensive and Kim could not afford to buy it.

Kim looked around the jewellery shop and noticed that the salesgirls were not watching her. She quickly slipped the expensive earrings into her handbag. Just when Kim was walking out of the shop, the shop alarm went off. The price tag of the earnings that Kim had just shoplifted was still attached and it triggered the alarm. Kim was extremely frightened and took to her heels at once. Unfortunately, she was caught by a security guard who was much faster than her. She was then brought to the manager's office, where she stayed for hours. She was very nervous and started to cry. She regretted her wrongdoing but it was too late.

After some time, Kim's teacher came to the manager's office. She begged for leniency and promised to punish Kim.

"I'm truly sorry for stealing the earrings," said Kim regretfully. "I promise not to repeat the offence again."

The manager, who was a kind-hearted man, showed mercy to Kim and forgave her for what she did. Kim and her teacher thanked him profusely.

After that, Kim's teacher sent the choir home. Back home, Kim's parents were still working. So she waited patiently for them. When they came home in the evening, Kim learnt that her teacher had called her parents and informed them of her misdemeanour. They were furious with her and gave her a good scolding. Kim was also grounded for a month.