- by Abigail Shannon Chua
Wesley Methodist School Melaka

Life was perfect. I had a girlfriend, a great family and I was about to enter Harvard University. But then there was a disease outbreak. The human race was almost wiped out as most humans were transformed into zombies. I fled with my family and my girlfriend, Jean, to a small encampment consisting of a few survivors. Over the years our number increased, but so did the enemies. Often we lost men, in the fight for freedom and to regain what was lost. Sometimes at night Jean and I would curl up in our favourite hammock and watch the night sky.

"Promise that you'll protect me," Jean said snuggling up next to me.

"Always," I kissed her lightly on the forehead and whispered. That was our last night together.

The next day, we were sent to an old warehouse to look for chemicals. The scientists among us were trying to find a cure for this epidemic. We walked cautiously into the building, grabbed the supplies and found ourselves surrounded by zombies. They approached us, moaning with their arms stretched in front. We shot at them, aiming at their heads and managed to kill some of them. We ran towards the exit, shooting them at the same time. Suddenly, I heard Jean scream and saw a zombie grabbing her. Her captor held her tight. She struggled and yelled, "Jake, run!"

"I won't leave you!" I yelled back.

"If you love me, then go!" she screamed desperately.

I ran and leaped into the jeep. As I sped away, I heard several gunshots and a scream before silence took over. After the incident, I refused to go on another mission until one day I was forced to escort some scientists to a nearby research facility. We entered the building with extreme caution and watched as the scientist started punching access codes into the computers. Suddenly, zombies poured out from the corridors in all directions. We quickly took out our guns and started shooting at them. They approached us, moaning and dragging their feet. We separated and started slaying them in small groups. As I shot them down, I saw something that made my heart stop: Jean.

She had transformed into a zombie - her face rotten and her eyes dead. She stood a few feet away in front of me, separated from the rest. It was like the whole world had frozen and only two of us existed.

"Please don't make me do this," I pleaded with my hand holding the pistol shaking. She lunged towards me and pinned me on the ground. She smelled of rot and decay and saliva dripped onto my face. "What are you waiting for? Kill me!" I yelled at her. Suddenly, Jean twisted on the ground and I saw the real Jean, the Jean I loved.

"Please Jake, kill me. I can't live like this," she pleaded.

"I can't kill you," I whispered, stroking her hair. "I will find a cure for you, I promise," I said before kissing her. Then I fled just before she transformed back.

We managed to get the information we needed and exited the building.

"Was that your girlfriend?" Mike asked.

"Yes," I replied.

"Dude, that's not her anymore. You should have ended her suffering," he said.

"There's still hope," I said, looking behind us.

Finally, after years of research and bloodshed, the scientists found a cure and distributed it throughout the nation. A few days later, we saw many cured people approaching the encampment. Among them was Jean. I ran towards her and hugged her.

"Thank you Jake," she whispered and we kissed as the sun arose. Now a new era has begun. The era of peace.