My Pet Dog

- by Wesly Kong, SMK Taman Tunku

Of all the animals on earth, only human beings keep other animals as pets. Among the various types of animals, the dog is the most popular animal kept as a pet.

Like many other people, I keep a pet too. It is a male dog named Lucky. I got this dog when I was in form 2. My mother brought Lucky back from her friend's workshop when he was still a puppy. Lucky is a hybrid of a male German shepherd and a female ordinary dog. I fell in love with him the instant I saw him as he was so cute, chubby and adorable.

When he was just brought home, his body was full of lice. I could see lice crawling all over his body - even in his ears and in between his paws. To get rid of the lice, I tried bathing it with a bar of antiseptic soap but it was not effective. They were extremely stubborn and continued to cling on to Lucky's body. Next, I used anti-lice dog shampoo to bathe him. The shampoo was much more effective. After a few baths, the lice were reduced to a minimum. I could hardly see any lice on Lucky after more baths with the shampoo.

I keep Lucky in the backyard of my house. I built it a simple kennel using some planks. To keep him warm at night, I placed a piece of cloth in the kennel. Every day I feed Lucky with dog food. Occasionally, I feed him bones when they are available. They are good for him because he needs calcium for strong bones. I bathe Lucky every week to keep him clean. Lucky grows very fast. After two years, he is already an adult dog. Now he is a good guard dog. He is very fierce and barks loudly when he sees strangers. Although he is fierce when necessary, he is friendly and obedient towards me and all my family members. All of us love to play with him.

Lucky is alert to sounds and movements. Often when he is sleeping, he wakes up immediately when he hears a sound. Lucky likes to run on the grass. Sometimes he chases after his own tail. Lucky also likes to stand on his hind legs and place his front paws on me to get close to me, especially when he has not seen me for some time. Although my skin is often scratched by Lucky's claws when he does this, I do not mind because I know that he is just trying to be affectionate towards me.

If Lucky is offered some food when he is not hungry, he digs a shallow hole and buries the food. He usually forgets about the food after that and it is more often consumed by ants later.

Lucky is an inquisitive dog. Whenever the back door of my house is open, he tries to get into the home through the door. My mother prohibits him from entering the house, since his paws and legs are often dirty as he likes to dig holes in the ground. I try to train Lucky to become a disciplined dog. I also train him to shake hands with me.

I am glad to have a faithful dog like Lucky. He is like an intimate friend to me. I wish Lucky both health and longevity, since he brings a lot of joy to our whole family.