Lost love found

- by Nur Farhah
SMK Zainab 1
Kota Bharu, Kelantan

The night was extremely chilly as it had been snowing a lot here in Rome. The lovebirds, Matt and Lily, had just finished watching a romantic film. While their car stopped at the traffic lights, Matt held Lily's hands.

Suddenly, a lorry rammed into the back of their car, causing Lily to knock her head against the windshield. The windshield broke as a result and Lily's body was thrown out of the car. Matt's head was slammed into the steering. Both of them had a blackout. Meanwhile, a large crowd gathered around them to help. A few minutes later, an ambulance arrived and rushed Matt and Lily to hospital.

On the next day, Matt woke up realising he was in hospital. He quickly asked the nurse the whereabouts of his wife. Unfortunately, Lily was still unconscious. The doctor said that Lily was in a coma.

Matt sat patiently beside her and whispered, "Wake up, honey. I am here. I want to talk to you. I'm so sorry to see you in this state."

Tears streamed down his face. He loved Lily so much. He would not know what to do if anything happened to her.

A few minutes later, Lily's parents dashed into the room to check on their daughter. Matt was a bit surprised to see them because he had not met them or talked to them since he and Lily got married five years ago. A nurse contacted Lily's parents after Matt and Lily were admitted to hospital and they flew from Chicago to Rome as soon as they could. From what Matt knew, Lily had a fight with his father and decided to move to Rome and start a new life.

Days gone by. Matt was still in hospital taking care of Lily patiently, hoping that she would wake up soon. Lily's parents told Matt that they would take Lily home to Chicago when she had fully recovered. They sort of blamed Matt for not taking good care of their daughter. Matt did not say a word. He knew that Lily would not want to go back with her parents as she was really angry with her father for having an affair with her best friend in university. Lily just could not accept the fact that her mom did nothing about it so she ran away from home and moved to Rome.

A couple of weeks later, Lily woke up. Matt was so delightful. He hugged Lily and kissed Lily's hand happily.

"Honey, you've finally woken up! I really missed you," Matt exclaimed.

Lily withdrew her hands from Matt and asked where she was while looking around confusedly.

"Lily, you had been bedridden in this hospital for several weeks. Your mom and I were worried sick about you," said Max.

"How do you feel, dear?" asked Lily's mom. "Do you feel fine?"

Lily responded to her mom, "Ah, I'm okay, Mom. I'm just a little feeble and dizzy."

Matt ran his hands through Lily's hair and slowly kissed Lily's forehead.

"I am so glad that you're fine, honey. I promise to cook for you when we reach home, okay?" Max grinned amiably.

Lily looked so awkward and uncomfortable with Matt.

"Who are you?" Lily questioned.

Everyone in that room was flabbergasted. Matt was dumbfounded. Nothing could describe his feelings then. After a doctor had examined Lily, he said that Lily was suffering from amnesia due to the car accident.

The doctor patted Matt on his shoulder and said, "I'm afraid that Lily could not remember you because the last thing she remember was when she was celebrating her 21st birthday. She did not even know you yet at that time."

The doctor then made his way out of the room, leaving Matt dumbstruck.

It was 2 a.m. Matt was sleeping soundly on the couch at the waiting room. Lily stepped close to Matt and woke him up.

"Can we talk for a while?" Lily asked.

They went down to the cafe and had some coffee.

"Could you please tell me what actually happened?" Lily asked with much curiosity. "All these thoughts have been running through my mind since I woke up an hour ago."

"Of course I'll tell you, since you're my dear wife," replied Max. "I just want to let you rest first and avoid burdening you too many thoughts."

"Fire away. Tell me what I need to know," Lily replied.

"We were holding hands in the car when ..."

"No, no, no. I do not want to know about that. I mean I want to know who you are and when we got married."

"Alright. I'm Matt Dawson. I own a recording studio here in Rome. I met you at Mandy's Cafe and fell deeply in love with you the first time we met. We got married 5 years ago and you said that you wanted to have a baby right before our car was hit by a lorry," said Matt, who paused when he saw Lily staring at him in disbelief.

"Your parents live in Chicago. You moved here because... you wanted to start a new life," Matt continued.

Matt hid the main reason why Lily moved to Rome.

"So what did I do in Rome?"

"You dropped out of law school and became a sculptor. You own a studio where all your sculptures are placed. Do you want to see them?" Matt asked excitedly.

"No, I'm not ready for that. This is ridiculous. Why did I drop out of law school? Why did I want to start a new life? What about my fiance, Jerry? We were celebrating my birthday that night. I'm so sorry - we need to stop this. I'm going back with my parents."

Endeavouring to help Lily regain her memory, Matt took her to their house. At their house, Lily looked around. There were plenty of their photos hanging on the wall. He played a cassette labelled 'The Vow'. It was recorded during their wedding. She recognised the girl in the video that looked just like her but she could not feel what that girl felt that time. She burst into tears as she realised that she could not love Matt like she vowed.

In order to further assist Lily, Matt took her to her sculpture studio. Lily was amazed to see the works of art and could not believe it was all created by her. While Lily was trying to sculpt the clay, Matt played a song that Lily used to listen while sculpting. Lily asked Matt to turn it off but Matt turned up the volume instead.

"I said stop playing this stupid song! Are you out of your mind?" Lily said furiously.

Matt turned the CD player off and threw it on the floor. Then, he slammed his fist on the table in anger.

"We've never talked to each other this way. I'm so tired... tired of trying to catch your attention, tired of helping you find your way back to me. I'm tired of disappointment. It's like I'm doing this all alone." said Matt, leaving the studio. Lily wept. She began to feel guilty. All the things that Matt had said started to make sense to her.

She went home and rummaged through her things in the storeroom. She found a menu of Mandy's Cafe. Written on it were all the vows that she had ever made to Matt. Lily quickly wrote a note saying, "Meet you at Mandy's Cafe at 8 pm" and put it on a table. She began to remember her first date with Matt and wanted to start it all over again.