Are smartphones a necessity?

- by Alib Har

"Mom, my birthday is approaching. May I ask for something from you and Daddy?" Farah asks her mother.

"Of course my dear. What do you want?"

"Can you buy me an iPhone 6 as my birthday gift?"

Well, it is not uncommon for teenagers today to ask for something expensive and high-tech such as smartphones from their parents. This epoch has been a witness for the rapid development in the world of electronic devices.

Nowadays, many companies compete with one another to invent something advanced to attract people to buy their products like smartphones. However, are smartphones really a necessity?

It is undeniable that most students today dream to have at least one smartphone. Some of them are willing to scrape up money by doing part-time jobs just to fulfil their dreams. One of the reasons why the device is highly-sought after by students is because of its Internet browsing feature. Such feature makes information searching much more convenient. For instance, in universities, when lecturers give students assignments which require the use of the Internet, smartphones certainly come in handy. With this device, students can save their time and complete their work faster.

Apart from that, smartphones can also be useful when we face difficulties in finding a location. The devices come with GPS and all we need to do is to install the Google Maps app and our smartphones are ready to assist us to move from point A to point B easily. This function enables us to find our way in strange neighbourhoods, cities, countries and any other places on earth and explore them. Therefore, smartphones have undoubtedly benefited mankind greatly.

Other than that, as human beings, we always impress our peers with something fun, enjoyable and state of the art. Smartphones definitely meet the criteria as many varieties of apps with different functionality can be installed in them. There are social media, games, education, voice recorder, music, radio and many other types of apps. Apps like Facebook, Skype, WeChat and WhatsApp allow us to communicate with people all over the world instantly.

Games, for example, give us an opportunity to relax ourselves and improve our reflexes. For Muslims, there are many applications that provide the information about the prayer time, Qibla direction and the Quranic reference. All of these apps can only be installed in smartphones. That is merely one of hundreds of reasons why one should have a smartphone.

In a nutshell, it is apparent that smartphones have become an indispensable part of our lives. However, just like most things in life, a smartphone can be both a boon and a bane. As a 'full-brained' device that currently possesses the most functionalities and features, we should use this device wisely and make sure that it does not control our lives.