Write a story ending with: "... They looked at each other and smiled meaningfully."

- by Wesly Kong
SMK Taman Tunku
Miri, Sarawak

Janet and Siew Ling were best friends. They loved to do good to other people. Their acts of kindness to others made them happy and gave them satisfaction.

One day, while on their way to an orphanage to work as volunteers, they saw an old lady by the roadside. As she looked troubled, they approached her and asked her what was wrong. The lady, who appeared sick and tired, mumbled a reply but they could not get her.

They decided to take her to Siew Ling's house. Back home, Siew Ling told her mother everything. Out of kindness, her mother decided to take care of the old lady. After the old lady had taken a warm shower, Siew Ling's mother cooked her a bowl of warm fish porridge. When the lady was better, Siew Ling and her mother talked to her. The old lady told them she was from another state.

"I was robbed when walking along the road," said the lady. "I came here to look for my long-lost daughter. She ran away 30 years ago and married a man I did not approve of."

The old lady continued to relate that recently, she heard the news that her daughter was in this area. She decided to come to find her daughter. She held on to her daughter's photograph in her palm. That was the only thing that was not lost during the robbery. She was feeling distraught as she had no more money. To make matters worse, she had no family or relatives who could help her within the state.

After listening to the old lady's predicament, Siew Ling's mother offered her to stay at their house until she found her daughter. The lady was grateful to them for their assistance. Janet and Siew Ling were determined to help the old lady to find her long-lost next of kin. They posted her daughter's photo online in social media. On the first few days, there was no news at all. Everything seemed so quiet but they did not give up. They keep sharing the photo on different websites. They also asked their friends to pass around the photo.

A week later, Janet and Siew Ling went online again to check and see if there was any news. Amazingly, someone emailed Janet. The person who had emailed her asked how she got the photo. Janet told her everything from the beginning. After a few email exchanges, she found out that the person was the old lady's granddaughter. She told Janet that her mother, who was the old lady's daughter, passed away because of cancer earlier last year. Janet was startled to hear the bad news.

"No wonder it took so long before receiving a response," thought Janet. Janet and Siew Ling decided to keep the good news from the old lady. Planning to surprise her pleasantly, they arranged a time for her granddaughter to meet her in Siew Ling's house.

The time for the grandmother and granddaughter to meet each other had finally arrived.

"Ding dong..." the doorbell rang.

The old lady opened the door. She could not believe her eyes when she saw the young woman standing outside the door. She resembled her daughter so much that she had almost mistaken her for her daughter. Instantly, she knew she was someone related to her. After the woman had explained who she was, both of them shedded tears of joy and then hugged each other. They were overjoyed to see each other.

The granddaughter then went on to explain everything to her grandmother.

"My mother was regretful about her decision and action. She missed you very much," said the granddaughter in tears.

When they hugged and talked to each other, Janet and Siew Ling felt glad to have done a good deed and helped them reunite. They looked at each other and smiled meaningfully.