Write a story beginning with: "A few months ago, I saw a person who bore a striking resemblance to me......"

- by Waverly Kong
SMK Chung Hua,
Miri, Sarawak

A few months ago, I saw a person who bore a striking resemblance to me. I would say that he looked exactly like me. I was extremely shocked to see him. I had heard stories about doppelganger but doubted whether it was real. What if it was real and he was my doppelganger?

It happened when I was in a shopping mall near my house. I went to a stationery shop there to buy some stationery that I needed. Having chosen the stationery, I proceeded to the counter to pay for it. While queuing up at the counter, I glanced at the line of shoppers who were also queuing up at the other counter. That was when I saw him. He did not notice me though, as he was reading a magazine that he was holding in his hands and intending to buy.

Except for his hairstyle, his facial features and even his height were similar to mine. Astonished and curious, I decided to find out who he was and the reason for the resemblance.

After paying for the stationery, I waited in a corner outside the shop for the teenager. Not long after, he exited the shop and I started tailing him. After a while, he seemed to have noticed that someone was following him. So, he turned around and saw me. He was completely dumbstruck to see me. I guessed he did not expect to see someone who looked exactly like him too.

I greeted him.

"Well, I'll be damned!" exclaimed the teenager in disbelief after he had recovered from his shock. "Who are you? Why do you look exactly like me?"

We then introduced ourselves to each other. His name was Alvin.

"When I was younger, my parents told me that I have a twin brother whom they had to give up for adoption," Alvin recalled. "Since it was a confidential adoption, we lost contact with him. If you are my twin brother, I won’t be surprised!"

As I had always known that I was an adopted child since young, I was not really taken aback by Alvin's explanation. Alvin then invited me to his house to meet his parents. The moment they saw saw me, they knew instantly that I was their son as Alvin and I were like two peas in a pod. Alvin’s mum said that no two persons could look so much alike unless they were twins. I believed that what she said was logical.

We chatted for a long time. They explained that when Alvin and I were born, they were living in poverty. As they could not afford to raise two children, they had no alternative but to give up one of us for adoption. I was only a few months old when I was adopted. They asked me to forgive them for giving me up. I forgave them willingly as I understood that they were left with no choice then and it was the best decision. I would have done the same thing if I were in their shoes. Furthermore, my adoptive parents treated me like their very own son. Thus I had no regrets whatsoever.

I wanted to call them ‘Mum’ and ‘Dad’ but somehow hesitated. They seemed to know what was on my mind.

"It's okay. You can call us 'Mum' and 'Dad'," they said kindly and I did so. Alvin and I called each other 'Bro'.

Crying happy tears, we hugged one another affectionately.

When I went home that day, I wondered if I should tell my adoptive parents what had happened. After consideration, I decided to let them know as I did not wish to keep any secrets from them. Surprisingly, they took it really well. They even met my biological parents later on.

At present, we visit each other often. I have become close to Alvin as we share the same interests and hobbies. He performs well academically and assists me a lot in this area. I consider myself extremely lucky as I have virtually two families which shower me with love. Alvin feels the same way too. Though my adoptive parents suggest performing a DNA test for confirmation, Alvin and I believe that the test is unnecessary. The mere resemblance and instinctive brotherly bond we possess is more than sufficient.