Write about a person who has succeeded in life.

It is lunch hour. A large restaurant located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur city is packed with regular customers. Waiters and waitresses are busy serving the customers. Outside the restaurant, the owner of the restaurant is seen arriving in a luxury car. After parking his car, he enters the restaurant and starts mingling with the customers. The humble man is none other than my beloved grandfather.

My grandfather is a man of little education. He comes from a poor family. After attending primary school, he had to stop schooling due to poverty. As the eldest son of the family, he helped his father at his stall selling barbecued meats. Life was indeed difficult for him then. He had to get up early in the morning before dawn and go to the market together with his father to buy fresh chickens and ducks. Then, they returned home to slaughter them, prepare the meats and barbecue them.

My grandfather was extremely interested in culinary skills. As a teenager, he was a fast learner and was able to prepare the meats as well as his father before long.

One morning, my grandfather woke up early in the morning as usual. He assumed that everything would go on smoothly but little did he know that he had lost his father. When he went to wake his father up, there was no response from him. My grandfather panicked and called for an ambulance. When his father was sent to hospital, he was pronounced dead on arrival by a doctor. My grandfather was totally devastated by the sudden demise of his father. In the midst of his sadness, he knew he had to find strength to carry on.

To earn a living, he had no alternative but to take over the stall that his father left behind. Using the small savings that he inherited from his father, he continued with the business. He learnt about finance from his own experience and whatever he could recall when he was with his father. He led a frugal lifestyle and only spent money when it was necessary. He was so thrifty that when he got married a few years later, his guests were only treated to rice and barbecued meats. He was industrious and saved as much money as he could. He kept his savings in a bank.

After a couple of years, his diligence and modesty finally paid off - he had saved enough money to open a restaurant. Thanks to his excellent management skills that he acquired earlier, his restaurant prospered and his business expanded. Apart from selling barbecued meats, he also sold other food such as chicken rice, economical meals, dim sum and a variety of noodles.

Today, my grandfather is an extremely successful and well-established restaurateur. He often advises me to study hard and be a knowledgeable person in order to contribute to society in future. He also emphasises the virtues of diligence, frugality and honesty. I will not forget his advices for as long as I live because he is my role model.