- by Wesly Kong
SMK Taman Tunku

I sit in a corner of the prison cell, staring at the small window which was built high up in the wall. Inside the cell, there are only loneliness and silence. I am waiting for the coming of tomorrow. Feeling miserable and remorseful, I close my eyes, crying silent tears. I begin to recall what happened.

I had a beautiful girlfriend whose name was Jane. It was in the university when we met for the first time. For both of us, it was virtually love at first sight as we had a lot in common with each other. I often invited her to dinner during the weekends and she had never turned me down. We always shared our joys and sorrows. The time I spent with her was indeed precious and delightful. I just could not express my loneliness when I was not with her.

After several years, I completed my degree course and decided to find a job. Jane had not completed her course yet. That was when the problem started. After I found a job and began working, my colleagues despised me as I was just a beginner who still had a lot to learn. I was even framed by them. Consequently, my superior lost trust in me. I tried hard to repress my anger. That was when I became violent and rude, for I had nobody to share my difficulties. I did not want to burden Jane because her final examination was just around the corner.

Despite all the hardships, I persevered. Jane noticed my fiery temperament and whenever she asked me about it, I pretended that everything was all right and kept changing the subject.

When I was more stable financially, I planned to marry Jane. One night, I called her and we met at the restaurant that we frequented.

When the time came, I took out a ring, knelt down beside her and proposed to her.

"Jane, will you marry me?" I asked.

Jane smiled and promised to give me the answer after her final examination.

When her final examination was over, we met again at the restaurant. Upon seeing her gloomy expression, I had a premonition that something bad was about to happen. I asked her what was wrong.

"I'm sorry, Brian. My parents have already arranged my marriage to someone else. It's best that we stop seeing each other, for our own good," she replied.

On hearing her words, I was shocked and dejected.

"How could you do that to me, Jane? How could you be so cruel?" I blurted. "What about us?"

Without saying a word, she stood up and started to walk away. In spite of all my efforts to call her back, she simply ignored me. I could hardly believe her heartlessness. In a fit of rage, I grabbed a knife from a neighbouring table and charged at her. After stabbing her in the chest, she yelled in agony and collapsed to the floor.

I stood dumbfounded as I could not believe what I had done.

"I'm sorry, Jane," I said holding her in my arms. "I didn't mean to hurt you..."

But she was breathless and could not say anything. In the blink of an eye, she drew her last breath and died on the spot due to excessive bleeding from the heart injury that she sustained.

A few minutes later, policemen arrived and arrested me. I was sent to the police station. The police had found enough evidence that I murdered Jane. They sent me to the court and I was tried for murder. I pleaded guilty to the crime and was sentenced to death by the judge.

Tonight is the last night of my life for I would be executed tomorrow. I pray and seek forgiveness from god. Tomorrow, all my pains and sufferings will come to an end.