Is tuition necessary? Discuss.

- by Wesly Kong
SMK Taman Tunku

Tuition is the act of teaching, especially to people in smaller groups or individuals. It is extremely common among Malaysians, especially primary and secondary students. When asked if tuition is really necessary, different people have different opinions. From my point of view, tuition is necessary and I provide my reasons below.

In this competitive world, students undoubtedly need some extra assistance to help them perform better academically. Tuition is necessary to complement their school work, especially when it comes to the more difficult topics and challenging areas. Additional practice is required to help improve the students' understanding. Through having private tuition, students are able to obtain extra helpful tips from their teachers and thus they are more likely to excel in their studies.

When having tuition, students get to learn in smaller groups or on a one-to-one basis. This is certainly advantageous to timid students as they get the opportunities to speak up and ask questions. In a typical Malaysian public school, a class usually comprises about 45 students. Among so many classmates, the shy and introverted ones normally find it difficult to ask any questions they have while attending classes. Such problem can be solved through having tuition.

Furthermore, students are able to get personal attention and develop good study skills with their teachers' help. Since the group is small, it would be easier for teachers to spot students' weaknesses and help strengthen them. In other words, through close collaboration with their tuition teachers, students are able to learn and improve more effectively.

Through receiving tuition, students get to occupy their time wisely. This is especially true for latchkey kids. Undeniably, it is better for students to spend their time studying and revising for examinations rather than wasting time socialising with the wrong crowd. Things can go really wrong when students get into wrong company.

Even though tuition fees can be expensive and tuition may take up too much of students' time, the benefit far outweighs the negatives. Through having tuition, students are able to acquire unrivalled mastery of a particular subject. Therefore I firmly believe that tuition is absolutely a necessary tool for students to strengthen their weaker subjects and boost their self-confidence and morale.