An Unexpected Visitor

It was 10 pm and a middle-aged couple was preparing for the night in the living room.

"It has been three years since Sally left us," said Mrs Lim, looking at a large family photo after shutting a window. "I wonder where she is now and how she's doing."

Mr Lim comforted her as her eyes were filled with tears. Their daughter, Sally, ran away from home 3 years ago as she could not cope with the pressure they put on her. They had high hopes for her academically. Consequently, Sally felt that her life was meaningless. Apart from studies, there was nothing else.

While Mr Lim was wiping tears off her wife's cheeks with a tissue, they heard a knock on the door. They wondered who it could be so late in the night. After Mr Lim had opened the door, they were taken aback by their sight. It was their daughter! Instantly, they hugged her and brought her in. All of them shed tears of joy.

Sally begged her parents for forgiveness as she made a foolish decision three years ago. She ran away with a friend. Not long after, her friend abandoned her and she was left on her own. Too ashamed to return home, she began to look for a job. Due to the fact that she left school with no formal qualifications, she faced troubles in her endeavour. Furthermore, she was underaged. She did everything she could, including doing odd jobs, to make a living. She was homeless and hence had to sleep on streets. She suffered from starvation frequently and met many unsavoury characters. Life was indeed hard for her.

A year later one day, while she was looking at a noticeboard outside a supermarket to seek for a job, a kind lady approached her. She ran a home for troubled teenagers and offered to lend Sally a helping hand. Sally had been living at the home since then. She had also resumed her studies and would sit for SPM at the end of the year.

Recently, the lady advised Sally to pay a visit to her parents and ask for forgiveness. At first, Sally was reluctant due to her misdemeanour. She only found the courage after much encouragement from the lady.

"Of course, we are willing to forgive you, Sally," said Mr Lim. "No matter what, you're our dear daughter and will always be."

Once again, the family shed tears of joy.

Sally's parents requested her to come back and she consented at once. She also promised them to study hard as she had realised the importance of doing so, in order to build a bright future ahead of her.