Why is having good neighbours important?

Neighbours are people who live next door or near to us. If we live in a neighbourhood with good neighbours, we are fortunate and blessed. Good neighbours are extremely helpful and make our stay safer and more enjoyable.

I am lucky to live in a neighbourhood with mostly good neighbours. My whole family is very close to our next-door neighbours. Just like our family, theirs is comprised of four members - Encik Ramlan, his wife Puan Aini, his daughter Fatim and his son Asraf. Fatim and Astraf are in the same age group as me and my brother. Every evening and weekend, we play together and there is never a dull moment. We often study together and help one another with our homework too. In the mornings, our mothers visit the market together. After that, they go jogging in the park. Since our fathers share the same hobby of fishing, they go fishing at weekends by a river which is nearby our houses.

Good neighbours can be helpful as well. When my family are away on holidays, we request our neighbours to keep an eye on our house. They are also willing to help us water our plants and feed our pets. ‘Neighbours are better than relatives that live far away’ is a Chinese proverb that explains the importance of having good neighbours. Due to the fact that they live in close proximity to us and spend more time with us, they are more intimate to us. Naturally, they can offer us better assistance when we face problems.

During the previous school holidays while we were visiting my grandparents in a village, a burglar attempted to break in our house. It was about midnight and Fatim was doing her holiday assignment by the window of her room when she heard rustling noises from our house. Upon looking out of the window, she saw a burglar trying to prise open a window of our house. At once, she raced downstairs. Her parents, who were watching television in the living room, were quite surprised to see her in such a hurry. After informing them what was transpiring, Encik Ramlan called the police immediately. When the policemen arrived, the burglar had broken in our house and was ransacking it. The policemen acted professionally and apprehended the burglar successfully within ten minutes. We were extremely grateful to them for their benevolence.

Having good neighbours is important because it makes our life in a neighbourhood safer, happier and more fun. We also tend to have more peace of mind. Although we can choose our friends but not our neighbours, we must remember that we get what we give. As the saying goes, ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you’. Therefore, we should at least try to be good neighbours in order to build good relationships with our neighbours.